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cold calling | December 3, 2018

The ABCs of Cold Calling from Glengarry Glen Ross?

Glengarry Glen Ross, Cold CallingIn one of the most memorable scenes in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, Blake from Downtown reviews some cold calling basics, namely the ABC’s.

While Blake’s delivery is impressive, and the advice solid, he doesn’t actually give us a road map on how to Always Be Closing!

What does Always Be Closing actually mean and how can you implement this mind set in your own prospecting and sales? Read the rest here »

business | December 2, 2018

Can You Learn a Recruiting Lesson from Scarface?

Scarface, recruiting,One of the downsides of this booming economy, is that the labor market is getting tighter making it difficult to find employees.

Of course, sales people are always hard to find, so this competitive environment makes it tougher!

However, cartels don’t have this problem, so could we learn a recruiting lesson from someone like Scarface? Read the rest here »

Keynote Speaker | December 1, 2018

Successful Chambers of Commerce Pay for a Keynote Speaker!

Chambers of Commerce, Keynote SpeakerWhen it comes to Chambers of Commerce there are three types of organizational views about booking a Keynote Speaker.

Some Chambers sell their motivational speaking spots to sponsors, others look for a free professional speaker and finally the bold Chambers pay for top motivational speakers.

Which type of Chamber do you think are the most Successful? Read the rest here »

business | November 30, 2018

Does El Chapo’s Rise Prove the 10 Thousand Hour-Rule of Success?

Malcom Gladwell proved 10 thousand hours of practice were needed to become a breakout business Rockstar in his book Outliers.

Ever since I’ve read his book I’m am always looking for more examples to support his theory.

After watching Narcos on Netflix I am convinced El Chapo’s supports the 10,000 rule! Read the rest here »

cold calling | November 29, 2018

Would Honest Prospects Throw Cold Calling Agents Under the Bus?

Bus, Thrown under the bus, cold calling, telemarketingMany companies that have tried cold calling have tossed this marketing method aside because too many prospects complained about agents being too pushy or deny having set a legitimate appointment.

Most businesses make this decision because they assume the decision makers levying these charges would never lie and throw cold calling agents under the bus, right?

Should they always be believed? Read the rest here »

business | November 28, 2018

What Business Lesson Can We Learn from a Drug Lord?

Business, Entrepreneur, InnovationI’m not saying we can learn business lessons from a fictional drug lord like Tony Montana in Scarface; but what about the real “God Father” of Mexico, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo?

He is the subject of a new Netflix Original Film that covers the rise and fall of Felix Gallardo as he creates the first ever Mexican Cartel.

Gallardo made three critical business moves that helped him rise to the top of a criminal empire and we can learn from them! Read the rest here »

cold calling | November 27, 2018

Did Steve Jobs Ever Use Cold Calling at Apple?

Steve Jobs, Apple, Cold CallingWhen you think about Apple Inc., I am sure the image of a worldwide business juggernaut probably comes to mind. Over the years, Apple has relied on some brilliant ad campaigns, that went viral, to become one of the wealthiest companies in the world.

However, the idea that this business ever relied on cold calling to become successful simply doesn’t sound plausible.

In fact, the very notion that Steve Jobs would ever pick up a phone and made cold calls probably sounds preposterous, but is it? Read the rest here »

Sales | November 23, 2018

Can You Learn Sales & Prospecting Secrets From an Hypnotist?

salesI recently came across the Hypnotist Marshall Sylver’s video on YouTube and was intrigued to watch him work his craft. I was curious to see if there were any techniques that might carry over to the sales game.

I was surprised to find that he actually performs at some venues and then returns to conduct his seminar where he teaches the sales techniques he gleaned from his hypnotist training and experience.

Read more to find out what they are! Read the rest here »

business | November 7, 2018

What Are the Three Biggest Business Blunders of Apple Inc?

business, apple inc., apple, apple watch, iPhone, At&t, marketing, product launchWhen you think of Apple Inc. you might conjure up an image of a business underdog that became a billion-dollar juggernaut that’s on the verge of cracking the trillion-dollar threshold. Of course, all of their out-of-this-world innovations, tech breakthroughs and beautiful designs might also come to mind. However, many don’t readily associate this unicorn business with major blunders; but they have made three disastrous decisions, what are they? Read the rest here »

Lead Generation | November 5, 2018

What was Bruce Lee’s Motivational Secret and Can it Work for Lead Generation?

lead generation, Bruce Lee, VisualizationIn the Netflix series, The Legend of Bruce Lee, we learn that Bruce Lee was not born with the desire to be a Kung Fu hero. In fact, his father discouraged this endeavor. However, persistent bullying eventually caused Bruce to develop a burning desire to learn Kung Fu.

It was this very difficult situation that later lead to Bruce Lee’s secret motivational technique, what was this technique, and can it work for lead generation? Read the rest here »

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