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Motivational Speaker | December 25, 2018

Did the Wolf of Wall Street Commit Motivational Speaker Malpractice?

jordan belfort, the wolf of wall streetDuring a motivational speech, the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, discusses the Secret and the Law of Attraction.

He mocks the idea that you can just visualize success and calls the law of attraction bull shit!

I believe these statements violate the core principals of motivational speaking, read more to find out why! Read the rest here »

Bruce Lee Taught us the Power of a Mission!

Bruce Lee, Enter the DragonBruce Lee was on a Mission to prove Kung Fu was the greatest form of martial arts in the World!

This Mission affected every Decision he made, and this set a powerful example for others.

What important lesson can we learn about the power of a mission from Bruce Lee?


Missions Attract Followers

Bruce naturally had the intelligence and charisma to convert enemies into friends, who became followers. Kimura had been the leading Karate master in Seattle who taught Karate at his Dojo. However, after being graciously defeated by Bruce Lee, Kimura showed wisdom by realizing that Kung Fu was in fact superior to Karate. He then embarked on a campaign to persuade Bruce Lee to teach him Kung Fu.

As Kimura spent more time with Bruce Lee, he learned about his burning passion to prove that Kung Fu was the greatest form of martial arts in the world. Bruce Lee set a powerful example by always following his mission and allowing it to determine his course of action. His dedication was so unwavering it was able to not only attract followers but also motivate them to make sacrifices for the cause!

Bruce Lee’s vision was so powerful that it prompted Kimura to take the enormous step of selling his Dojo to fund the Kung Fu school, against Lee’s wishes! He took massive action with no thought of the loss of prestige this would cause in the Karate community, nor did he give thought to the great financial risk he was taking. Kimura acted selflessly because he had come under the spell of Bruce Lee and his Dream… Kimura had adopted the Mission as his own!

Mission Demands Great Sacrifice

Once Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu school was started with the help of Kimura’s investment, it was later moved to Oakland, where it flourished. Everyone that believed in Bruce’s vision was rewarded with the success of the school and the income it generated. However, Bruce Lee once again heard his Mission call and knew that opening a Kung Fu school was just one step towards proving that Kung Fu was the greatest martial arts in the World.

Bruce Lee realized that his Kung Fu school’s success alone couldn’t spread the message about the greatness of Kung Fu to the whole world. Director Ed Parker convinced Bruce that movies could give Kung Fu the worldwide exposure he sought. This made him decide to walk away from his very successful Kung Fu school and leave for Hollywood.

Missions Lead to Success

Of course, the rest is history as Bruce Lee did accomplish his mission of proving that Kung Fu is the greatest form of martial arts. We know this because there are hardly ever Karate movies on TV or at the box office as Kung Fu has taken over Hollywood and the world, thanks to Bruce Lee’s dedication! When you dedicate yourself to a powerful mission, it attracts followers and keeps you on the true path and ultimately leads you to success! Therefore, if you’re a business leader then you should evaluate your mission and consider revising it until it has the ability to attract followers and incite people to take action for the cause!

cold calling | December 24, 2018

What is the Wolf of Wall Street’s Cold Calling Success Secret?

Wolf of Wall StreetThe Wolf of Wall Street is a very controversial figure because his fame was built on the creation of a criminal enterprise.

He got rich by defrauded investors and creating a cold calling army that amplified this fraud to epic proportions.

However, is there a cold calling secret that we can glean from this Wolf!

Read the rest here »

cold calling | December 13, 2018

Best Selling Author Mark Hunter Endorses The Million Dollar Rebuttal!

I am proud to announce that the best selling author and speaker Mark Hunter has endorsed my book about cold calling, The Million Dollar Rebuttal!

I had the privilege of meeting and hearing Mark speak at the last Zoominfo Conference and I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and experience with sales and marketing.

Make sure to checkout my cold calling book The Million Dollar Rebuttal!

cold calling | December 12, 2018

Steve Jobs Proved that Cold Calling isn’t a Numbers Game!

Cold Calling isn't a Numbers Game!Jobs believed so strongly that Apple II would change the world that he started cold calling VCs!

When you watch this clip from the Jobs Movie it seems to validate that Steve was playing the number game.

However, if you listen very closely to Mike Markkula he gives you the clue that proves cold calling is not a Numbers Game!


Read the rest here »

Sales | December 9, 2018

Is There a Real Magic Word Like SHAZAM for Salespeople?

SHAZAMIn the upcoming movie SHAZAM the classic story of Billy Batson is retold. Billy, a troubled orphan, displays his inner goodness and is chosen to possess the power of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury!

Billy simply has to say SHAZAM and is struck by lighting and imbued with superpowers. However, is there a real Magic word like SHAZAM for Salespeople? Read the rest here »

cold calling | December 7, 2018

The Pursuit of Happyness Proves Cold Calling Isn’t a Numbers Game!

Cold calling is NOT a numbers game!In the epic movie The Pursuit of Happyness Chris Gardner accepts an intern position at a brokerage house to change his life.

In the process of trying to sell more accounts to win a job, he proved that cold calling isn’t a numbers game!

What is the ‘numbers game’, how did Chris disprove it and what are the implications for your business? Read the rest here »

cold calling | December 6, 2018

Mike Michalowicz has endorsed my book, The Million Dollar Rebuttal!

I was honored to get this amazing endorsement from Mike Michalowicz, the Best Selling Author of the Pumpkin Plan, Profit First and now Clockwork.

My book details how while working at a PEO firm in Dallas I underwent a metamorphose with my understanding of the art of cold calling and went from setting 2 appointments a day to book 15 face-to-face meetings with decision makers a day!

One of the breakthrough principals I teach in the book is that you can make more money selling to prospect’s that don’t have a need…  You can Buy Now and get the book on Amazon for just 99 cents!

Read more to learn more how my book can fill your sales pipeline with half the effort! Read the rest here »

business | December 5, 2018

Are you on a Business Mission from God, Like the Blues Brothers?

In the movie, “The Blues Brothers” Jake and Elwood are faced with the challenge of saving their Catholic orphanage.

This gives them a ‘Mission from God’ to raise the money by putting their band back together. Spoiler alert, the brothers do save the orphanage.

However, I wonder if being on a Mission from God could help your business succeed? Read the rest here »

business | December 4, 2018

Do You Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Rise to Business Greatness?

When you think about business success in America you would probably assume that taking risks is instinctive for most entrepreneurs.

However, I realized merely ‘good’ or average companies don’t take risk.

Therefore, I wondered if taking risks and hitting rock bottom are required to have breakthrough success? Read the rest here »

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