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The Million-Dollar Rebuttal

Twenty years ago, as a telemarketer, I was able to get on an uncanny hot streak, setting 15 appointments a day for six months straight! I found success by abandoning traditional calling tactics. Instead, I developed my own counter-intuitive system for cold calling, which led to me starting my own telemarketing company.

Many companies have tried to steal my ideas, but now I reveal these closely-guarded secrets in my new book, ‘The Million-Dollar Rebuttal’!

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David Walter's Latest Lead Generation Book 'The Million-Dollar Rebuttal' is Available Now on Kindle!

Start on your path to making millions: pre-order The Million-Dollar Rebuttal today! You can download the Kindle App on any device!

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NOTE: You can't download or buy the book on Amazon while logged into Safari - log in to Amazon through Chrome or another non iOS browser
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