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cold calling | December 24, 2018

What is the Wolf of Wall Street’s Cold Calling Success Secret?

Wolf of Wall StreetThe Wolf of Wall Street is a very controversial figure because his fame was built on the creation of a criminal enterprise.

He got rich by defrauded investors and creating a cold calling army that amplified this fraud to epic proportions.

However, is there a cold calling secret that we can glean from this Wolf!


Use Descriptive Language

Watch the Wolf of Wall Street Aerotyne sales clip!

In the Aerotyne sales pitch scene of The Wolf of Wall Street we can see Jordan Belfort’s brilliant cold calling and sales skills on display. Even though he fabricated the story behind the pitch out of whole cloth he still demonstrates an uncanny ability to grab the attention of this prospect and get him to act! What valuable lesson can we glean from this awesome example of persuasion after we discard the exaggerations, deceptions and outright lies?

When we peal back all the layers of conman tactics from this sales pitch, all that’s left is the use of dramatic language coupled with masterful voice control! Jordan took the very dull and boring back story of the Aerotyne company and spiced it up with a dramatic story line using very descriptive language. Then he skillfully lowered his voice to a whisper when he delivered the ‘pitch’ to dramatize the effect of his message and make it more persuasive.

Getting the Prospect to Visualize the Benefits

The objective of Jordon’s carefully crafted sales pitch was to get his prospects to visualize themselves enjoying the benefits of investing in his stock recommendations. Of course, what he wanted then to visualize was nothing less than getting filthy rich! He accomplished this feat by talking about the exact amount of money that ‘could’ be made on a certain investment ‘if’ the stock moved significantly higher. Then he painted a vivid picture for the prospect by describing in dramatic fashion how the money would change their life. The key is that he painted the prospect ‘in’ the picture and got him to ‘see’ and believe the picture!

Once, the contact started thinking out loud about what he would buy with his ‘potential’ stock earnings, he had already fallen in the Wolf’s carefully orchestrated trap. The reason this cold calling sales pitch was so effective is because the investor had already started visualizing himself buying the stocks and enjoying the hypothetical returns….

Therefore, the objective of good sales pitches should always be to get prospects to visualize themselves using your product or services and enjoying the benefits! This is because the art of getting prospects to Decide and Act, by signing on the line which is dotted, hinges on giving them enough motivation through the use of visualization.

Find Awesome, Don’t Fabricate it!

The secret cold calling lesson that we extracted from Jordan’s spectacular Aerotyne sales pitch is that he used descriptive language and volume control designed to get prospects to visualize benefits.

Unfortunately, Jordan used his ability to get a prospect’s attention and act on selling on a misleading and fabricated stock story. Of course, these same techniques would have worked just as effectively had they been true. However, this would have required Jordan to actually do the research and discover a stock that really did have a huge upside potential!

If you don’t represent an amazing product that allows you to paint your prospects ‘in’ a future picture of success then you should find one to represent, don’t fabricate it! Ideally you should look for a product or service that will allow you to truthfully use descriptive language designed to get your prospects to visualize using it successfully!

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