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Keynote Speaker | December 1, 2018

Successful Chambers of Commerce Pay for a Keynote Speaker!

Chambers of Commerce, Keynote SpeakerWhen it comes to Chambers of Commerce there are three types of organizational views about booking a Keynote Speaker.

Some Chambers sell their motivational speaking spots to sponsors, others look for a free professional speaker and finally the bold Chambers pay for top motivational speakers.

Which type of Chamber do you think are the most Successful?

Chambers that Sell Speaking Opportunities

The large majority of Chambers of Commerce in the United States believe deeply that their audience has enough value to include a speaking opportunity in their membership package or sell them to Sponsors. This view is perhaps the most shortsighted because it overlooks the true value of having a keynote speaker in the first place and that to draw a larger audience.

You should keep in mind that many of those chambers that are seeking to charge motivational speakers also change their members to attend the talk the majority of which have already paid in effect by being a member. This policy sets these chambers up like credit car issuers who charge of both sides of every transaction.

While this works for a credit card issuer It’ doesn’t work for Chambers that want to draw a larger audience of both members and non-members. This is because the types of talks their paying members end up sitting though are straight sales promotions, horrible performances by novice speakers or the same keynote speaker over and over again ad nauseum!

This practice doesn’t attract an amazing and exciting Public Talk that when prompted correctly draws in a larger crowd of both members and non-members. The core idea is to provide the maximum value in quality content that keeps paying members satisfied and at the same time draws non-member that can be converted into paying members!

Chambers that Find Free Public Speakers

The more enlightened Chambers of Commerce understand that a quality keynote speaker provides the content they need to keep current members interested enough to continuing attend meetings and keep paying dues. These open-minded Chambers don’t try to strong arm potential speakers into paying for a membership they know a traveling speaker will never use. When a high-quality speaker contacts them with an interest at presenting at one of their chamber meetings they are enthusiastic as long as these content providers are willing to work for free. The idea behind this way of thinking is that the speaker and the Chamber are in essence making a trade…. The Chamber gets some high-quality content for their meetings and the presenter gets the business exposer to the audience.

While this system works much better and generally delivers a better Keynote Speaker it’s doesn’t bring top motivation speakers and it’s difficult to consistently find good quality speakers that will work for free.

Chambers that Pay for Top Motivational Speakers

Finally, we have the outlier Chambers of Commerce that understand the value of paying for a Top Motivational Speakers because this draws larger crowds and top-quality members! Normally these Chambers have fortune 500 members and are looked up to as leaders by all the other smaller chambers that charge speakers or book free speakers.

The bottom line is that you will always get what you pay for… If a Chamber gets paid by a speaker then you need to recoup that cost, and this guarantees a promotional talk. On the other hand, if a chamber finds a free speaker this usually means they are not well known and won’t draw the largest and highest quality attendees.

Smart Chambers understand that the money they pay a Top Keynote Speaker is an investment in growing their business exponentially. While smaller Chambers struggle to sell memberships to their small and medium sized prospects, these outlier Chambers are growing by leaps and bounds because the Fortune 500 businesses they attack don’t quibble about the membership price!


Any Chambers that are reading this should immediately reexamine that policy for booking speakers at their networking events. Obviously, it pays divides to invest in Top Motivational Speakers since their name recognition will draw a larger paying audience and convent more successful businesses into joining your Chamber. After all both charging a Keynote Speakers or trying find free speakers will ultimately backfire and hider your Chambers growth! If you happen to be a business executive looking to join a Chamber of Commerce it behooves you to look for the ones that pay high quality speaker to Keynote their events, because you will get to network with the captains of industry instead of small mom and pop companies!

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