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cold calling | December 6, 2018

Mike Michalowicz has endorsed my book, The Million Dollar Rebuttal!

I was honored to get this amazing endorsement from Mike Michalowicz, the Best Selling Author of the Pumpkin Plan, Profit First and now Clockwork.

My book details how while working at a PEO firm in Dallas I underwent a metamorphose with my understanding of the art of cold calling and went from setting 2 appointments a day to book 15 face-to-face meetings with decision makers a day!

One of the breakthrough principals I teach in the book is that you can make more money selling to prospect’s that don’t have a need…  You can Buy Now and get the book on Amazon for just 99 cents!

Read more to learn more how my book can fill your sales pipeline with half the effort!

Learn How To Breeze Past the Herculean Obstacle called Gatekeepers!

Instead of just running into a brick wall over and over again, stop and look around to see if there is another route to your ultimate destination. In our book you’ll learn several techniques, such as using the power of distraction to get past call screeners, make fewer calls, and dramatically increase your contacts!

Learn How To Harness the Power of Your Alter-Ego for Cold Calling Success! 

The concept of muscle memory is the subconscious mind in action and all hot streaks are born in the subconscious mind, as with my appointment setting hot streak! To communicate with your alter-ego, the first step is knowing what you want, and having a clearly defined goal. The book outlines the rest of our comprehensive strategy for putting success on auto-pilot!

Leverage My Million-Dollar Rebuttal for Cold-Calling Success! 

The Million Dollar Rebuttal is a powerful concoction of several psychological techniques, from ‘leading the witness’ to reverse psychology, planting ideas while the prospect thinks it’s their own, using sincere complements, making prospects feel important, and more!


Once you learn to do this, you’ll dramatically increase the number of appointments you set, while making far fewer calls, because with this system, the prospects will become like putty in your hands!

Buy Now and learn the lead generation secrets in his book, The Million Dollar Rebuttal, and discover how to make More Money selling to prospects that Don’t have a Need!

David Walter's Latest Lead Generation Book 'The Million-Dollar Rebuttal' is Available Now on Kindle!

Start on your path to making millions: pre-order The Million-Dollar Rebuttal today! You can download the Kindle App on any device!

Click Here to Order - Only $9.95!

NOTE: You can't download or buy the book on Amazon while logged into Safari - log in to Amazon through Chrome or another non iOS browser
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