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Sales | December 9, 2018

Is There a Real Magic Word Like SHAZAM for Salespeople?

SHAZAMIn the upcoming movie SHAZAM the classic story of Billy Batson is retold. Billy, a troubled orphan, displays his inner goodness and is chosen to possess the power of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury!

Billy simply has to say SHAZAM and is struck by lighting and imbued with superpowers. However, is there a real Magic word like SHAZAM for Salespeople?
Why This Story Matters?

One of the reasons this time-honored super hero story resonates so much is because of the level of Billy’s transformation. Billy doesn’t just become kid with power but rather undergoes a complete metamorphous to become the most powerful Adult in the Universe.

I believe the nature of this dramatic transformation fascinates those of us who sometimes feel weak and powerless in this cruel world and love to entertain ourselves with a fictional story about a ‘kid’, one of the weakest members of society with the least amount of power, who is ‘chosen’ to receive great power to right the wrongs in the world.

We are drawn to this story because we like to imagine ourselves being transformed into a powerful person that can change our reality! We like to live through the narrative of SHAZAM to escape our own reality… Of course, kids will imitate the Movie by putting on a cape and running around pretending to be SHAZAM.

Are their Real Superpowers?

While we can’t call out the name of an old god or wizard to strike us with lighting and bestow upon us magical superpowers (as far as I know). However, are there transformation powers out there in the universe somewhere that we could channel to unleash uncanny abilities? It’s highly doubtful; but what about the possibility that these magical powers already exist within our minds? What if right NOW we already have access to unlimited power to accomplish the impossible lurking just beneath our consciousness.

What I love about the SHAZAM story is that unlike most other super heroes, Billy normally walks around in his ‘weak’ state and simply needs to utter a phase, mere words to unleash god like powers. The speaking connection with the access of his power in this story is a wonderful allegory that describes how normal people living in a weak state can tap their own inner Greatness. We just need to SPEAK into existence any amount of Power or Wisdom that we desire. Unfortunately, the magic I speak of cannot be released instantaneously in the same dramatic fashion. On the contrary, to gain the true power of transformation that’s lurking in our subconscious mind we must SPEAK that power into existence repeatedly!


The origin story of SHAZAM is intriguing to us because of the symbolism of a weak character merely needing to SPEAK a word to receive Unlimited Power. We identify with this weak character and secretly daydream about having our own abilities, so we can right the ‘wrongs’ in our lives like not having enough money, the right car, a big enough house, a retirement account, enough sales etc.

However, the truth is that everyone including salespeople have access to unfathomable power that can transform them into a powerful people that can accomplish the impossible…. We merely need to SPEAK this power in to existence much like Billy Batson exclaims, “SHAZAM”

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