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Motivational Speaker | December 25, 2018

Did the Wolf of Wall Street Commit Motivational Speaker Malpractice?

jordan belfort, the wolf of wall streetDuring a motivational speech, the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, discusses the Secret and the Law of Attraction.

He mocks the idea that you can just visualize success and calls the law of attraction bull shit!

I believe these statements violate the core principals of motivational speaking, read more to find out why!


Jordan Misunderstands the Law of Attraction

–>Stop and please watch this YouTube video clip of Jordan Belfort saying disparaging remarks about The Secret and Law of Attraction!

I am not sure if Jordan was just trying to say something controversial and shocking to get the attention of his audience or not. However, it’s clear that while Jordan claims to have read the Secret and tried to implement the principals that it advocates, he didn’t really understand the entire message.

The reason I make this claim is because the argument he lays out in his rant against the Law of Attraction is a straw-man fallacy. In other words, what he represents as the Secret and subsequently attacks are not really the true messages contained in the book, The Secret. He falsely misrepresents the idea of the Law of Attraction as a strategy of simply hoping and waiting on your dreams to be hand delivered to you, without acting!

His powerful crescendo statement, “when I went out and started taking action guess what, the checks came with extra zeros” proves he falsely represented The Law of Attraction as a system or practice that does not require action. These statements demonstrate his complete lack of understanding about why visualization is necessary to generate enough belief to propel a person to act!

The Secret Requires Action

How can we be sure that the idea of practicing The Laws of Attraction written about in the Secret actually calls for people to act or not? One of the examples used in the movie version of the Secret was Jack Canfield author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books. He credits the idea of trying to get his book published and then getting it promoted in the Readers Digest to visualizing the goal of making $100,000.00.

In Jack’s example, he didn’t just visualize the hundred thousand dollars and then it magically appeared in his mail box. To the contrary, Jack explains that the visualization triggered him to remember he had already written a book that he could get published. His Ahah moment was the realization that perhaps this could be the vehicle that would earn him the hundred thousand dollars.

Once the book was published, He went on a motivational speaking tour and suddenly an idea hit him like a bolt out of the blue that the Readers Digest would be an awesome way to promote his book. This magazine could get his message out to a much wider audience and increase the likeliness of him attaining the visualized sum. This idea came to fruition as an audience member of one of his talks just happened to be a contributor for the Readers Digest. She publish the article about Jack Canfield’s book and it helped him earn an amount of money just shy of the hundred thousand dollars that he had visualized.

The point of relating this story is to show that the law of attraction as portrayed in the book the Secret actually requires people to take massive action in pursuit of their dreams. Did you notice that Jack Canfield had to get his book published, I can assure you that this is a monumental task requiring great action! Jack Canfield’s story is all about action and contains action all the way through! I have no idea how Jordan Belfort could have possibly read or watched The Secret and missed all the Action!


It’s clear that The Real Wolf of Wall Street did in fact misrepresent what The Law of Attraction is really all about when he attacked it during his talk. The bottom line is that his assertion that the Law of Attraction doesn’t require action is False! We know this because one of the prominent stories in the Secret is about Jack Canfield who demonstrated that action is an integral part of the interworking’s of the Law of Attraction.  Perhaps the victory Jordan boast about at the end of the clip can actually be attributed to all the time he spent visualizing the big check. More than likely the visualization gave him the motivation to take the action that lead to the checks appearing with extra Zeros.

Perhaps Jordan simply wasn’t aware of the powerful connection between visualization and action! Unfortunately, his gross distortion of the Law of Attraction could have a negative impact on his followers and cause them harm. This is why I make the charge of motivational speaker malpractice!  If you wish to verify my claims then I encourage you to watch the Secret on Netflix and judge for yourself!

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