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business | December 5, 2018

Are you on a Business Mission from God, Like the Blues Brothers?

In the movie, “The Blues Brothers” Jake and Elwood are faced with the challenge of saving their Catholic orphanage.

This gives them a ‘Mission from God’ to raise the money by putting their band back together. Spoiler alert, the brothers do save the orphanage.

However, I wonder if being on a Mission from God could help your business succeed?

Missions Keep You Moving Forward

Often when entrepreneurs start their companies they like to say they are their own boss. However, this attitude can lead business owners into taking excessive time off from work or just slacking off and missing deadlines and goals.

However, being on a business Mission from God can change a lazy mindset as you will become more committed to achieving a powerful objective that will transform you. This dedication to a Mission leads to the realization that you are not your own boss but rather have become a servant to your Mission and it has become your new master.

Once your Mission takes over as your manager it becomes the still small voice in your head that prods you when you slack off. If reprimands you when you don’t work as hard a possible and constantly reminds you to stay focused on achieving the Mission. A Mission can become a powerful motivational force in your life that holds you accountable and demands your best performance

This principal is the most helpful when entrepreneurs run into obstacles while trying to accomplish their business Mission! This is when that still small voice becomes your chief coach and encourager as it keeps reminding you that it still possible to accomplish your Mission no matter what gets in your way! This was the powerful force that kept the Blues brothers focused on putting the band back together and saving the orphanage all while being chased by the police, neo Nazis, and a crazy ex-girlfriend.

Missions Draw People to your Cause!

Believe it or not most employees working for the average run-of-the-mill business don’t start out being committed to achieving managements stated goals. Usually you can only expect unmotivated clock punchers to apply about sixty to eighty percent of their effort to your business. However, if you introduced a new Mission for your team to believe in then it could transform these average workers into evangelist for your cause. Once your staff becomes committed to the Mission, they will be motivated enough to voluntarily give one hundred and ten percent of their effort to achieve the Mission.

You may not currently have the right staff in your organization to effectively target and pursue a challenging business Mission. However, you need not worry about these trivial details since you only need to focus on creating the ultimate Mission. Once you have a transformational Mission then it will have the effect of drawing the talent that you need to accomplish the objective.

This is what happened for the Blues brothers as they set-out on their Mission from God to get the band back together. They were able to attract all the band member back in support of their Mission.

Missions Aid in the Pursuit of Happiness

It’s not uncommon for people to complain about their lack of job satisfaction and this is an indicator that people are not happy. One of the primary reasons that people in the workforce are largely unhappy is because they are not working towards a larger objective that’s higher than themselves. In fact, the desire to serve a larger cause and belong to a movement is ingrained into our very DNA. Put quite simply, People need a Purpose! You see the pursuit of happiness is a game where you must first serve a purpose larger and higher than yourself and then you get happiness as a byproduct of this service.

The true power of a Mission lies in its ability to fulfill the inner human craving for purpose! Therefore, we can say that the best way to achieve happiness for yourself and your team is to develop and become dedicated to a Mission. This is exactly how the Blues Brother suddenly became selfless while on their Mission from God to save the Orphanage. While on this journey they gave no thought to their own personal sacrifice while trying to save the Orphanage. In the end, the act of paying off the tax department and saving the Orphanage made the Blues Brothers happy as they had served a higher purpose!


It turns out that being on a Mission from God not only helped the Blues Brothers save the Orphanage; but it can help you transform your business. Being on a business Mission provides a Master that keeps you focused on the Mission and motivated through the trials and adversity along the journey. Having a powerful business Mission will motivate your current staff to give 110% and help attract more talent to your cause. Ultimately, getting you and your team to commit to a Mission will increase job satisfaction and lead to Bliss and Happiness for all!

If the prospect of staying focused, motivating staff and finding happiness doesn’t set you on fire to start developing your own Mission from God, like the Blues Brothers… Then I might have to get the Penguin Nun to whack you a few times with her ruler and knock some sense into you!

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