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cold calling | November 29, 2018

Would Honest Prospects Throw Cold Calling Agents Under the Bus?

Bus, Thrown under the bus, cold calling, telemarketingMany companies that have tried cold calling have tossed this marketing method aside because too many prospects complained about agents being too pushy or deny having set a legitimate appointment.

Most businesses make this decision because they assume the decision makers levying these charges would never lie and throw cold calling agents under the bus, right?

Should they always be believed?

Somebody Poisoned the Water Well

When businesses try to grapple with the decision to use cold calling for their marketing efforts they are usually dissuaded because of its bad reputation. There are so many complaints from prospects that say these lead generation reps are one sided and will say anything to book appointments or just flat out book bogus sales meetings. When you hear so many negative reports from all quarters it’s easy to lay all the blame at the calling reps feet and the very idea of dialing for dollars itself.

Who should we believe when all the finger pointing starts between the agent, salespeople and prospects over bad leads?

Who’s Telling the Truth?

There are short-sided cold callers that will push prospects into setting appointments they don’t really want. However, any good call center manager should be able to identity these bad apples and get rid of them. However, if that’s true and you can find honest agents that will setup legitimate appointments then why are there so many horror stories swirling around on the internet and social media about cold calling?

Of course, those in the die-hard anti cold calling camp say when prospects report they were bullied into setting an appointment this is all the evidence needed to prove dialing for dollars simply doesn’t work! While this evidence is pretty damming, it still assumes these prospects aren’t biased and will always tell the truth. I can assure you that no matter what level of decision maker you’re dealing with they are all human and have the propensity to lie and throw the telemarketers under the bus, why?

Often this can happen simply because a decision maker has forgotten the sales meeting and would rather tarnish the character of the cold caller instead of admitting the truth.

Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for a decision maker to experience buyer’s remorse at having setup an appointment and resort to bad mouthing the calling agents by denying the appointment. Finally, there are the worst breed of managers and executives that hate cold calling and are on a mission to undermine telemarketing. These bad actors will actually go to the trouble of setting up real appointments only to pretend that they were pushed into the meeting or outright lie and say they never agreed in the first place. Their objective is to create enough doubt in your outbound agents that you eliminate your cold calling efforts all together.

Are These Claim Outlandish?

I can back up these claims as someone who ran a call center for 13 years and was forced to record all our outbound calls as a result of the doubt about the quality of cold calling. This lead to the discovery that we would often have a happy prospect voluntarily agree to set up a face-to-face meeting only to deny this very fact several weeks later when the salesman showed up for the appointment.

One of the IT companies we represented was so frustrated by a prospects denial of having set a legitimate sales meeting that he pulled out the recording we provided and played it. Of course, as How to Win Friends and Influence People says, a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still! Therefore, having the recording didn’t solve the problem but it sure provided proof that prospects will throw cold calling agents under the bus!


If your company is contemplating a cold calling campaign, then it’s important to keep in mind that it is possible to find good calling agents that will set legitimate appointments. So, it’s important to realize that prospects themselves could have a biased, forgetful, or lazy attitude and think nothing of throwing your honest calling agents’ character right under the bus! The good news is that the savvy entrepreneur shouldn’t be swayed by the negativity swirling around cold calling and can launch a successful campaign. Just make sure that you record your calls, so you can protect trustworthy calling agents and the reputation of telemarketing itself.

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