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Lead Generation | November 5, 2018

What was Bruce Lee’s Motivational Secret and Can it Work for Lead Generation?

lead generation, Bruce Lee, VisualizationIn the Netflix series, The Legend of Bruce Lee, we learn that Bruce Lee was not born with the desire to be a Kung Fu hero. In fact, his father discouraged this endeavor. However, persistent bullying eventually caused Bruce to develop a burning desire to learn Kung Fu.

It was this very difficult situation that later lead to Bruce Lee’s secret motivational technique, what was this technique, and can it work for lead generation?


The Motivational Secret

It’s hard to believe that Bruce Lee, The Legend, had to deal with bullies, but this is what drove him to Kung Fu in the first place and gave him a distinct advantage.
You see, when Bruce learned a new Kung Fu move he would replay the times when he fought the bullies in his mind. In fact, he would visualize his exact movements during these fights and remember how his opponents attacked him. Then he would re-image the same encounter but this time he would use the new Kung Fu moves in his imagination.

It quite possible that Bruce was not instructed to visualize in this way, but probably fell into this practice naturally. However, Bruce’s ability to replay old fight sequences in his mind and visualize using Kung Fu moves most likely gave him an enormous advantage over his competitors and might be the reason he advanced so quickly.

The Power of Visualization

It has been proven that the mind can’t tell the difference between actually physical practice and athletic practice that is imagined in the mind. In fact, US Olympic teams have used the power of visualization practice as part of their training. In my book, The Million Dollar Rebuttal, I talk about an old 20/20 or 60 Minutes show in the 80’s where they used high school basketball players to test the power of visualization. Two teams were given a week to practice free throws, but one was limited to just practicing by thinking of the practice in their mind while the other team was able to practice on a real basketball court.

At the end of the week the two teams competed at throwing free throws and unbelievably the team that hadn’t set foot on a real basketball court outshot the team that had physically practiced all week. The truth is visualizing practice like Kung Fu is ten times more powerful than physical practice alone. It’s not surprising that his mental practicing allowed young Bruce Lee to rack up the 10,000 hours of practice required to be an Outlier faster than anyone else in his league.

Can Visualization Work for Lead Generation?

I believe that Bruce Lee probably leveraged the power of visualization throughout his entire career. Which means that if he used mental practice at the outset of his Kung Fu training he probably persisted with it because he never stopped learning new martial arts fighting styles and moves. The truth is that if anyone will develop the habit of visualizing their success at nearly any endeavor it will help them become a great success! It can help you gain the 10,000 hours needed for success much faster just it like helped Bruce Lee become “The Legend” of the Kung Fu world! If you have a sales goal or a lead generation goal like I did of setting 15 appointment a day then the only way you can duplicate or surpass my success is through visualization!

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