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Sales | November 23, 2018

Can You Learn Sales & Prospecting Secrets From an Hypnotist?

salesI recently came across the Hypnotist Marshall Sylver’s video on YouTube and was intrigued to watch him work his craft. I was curious to see if there were any techniques that might carry over to the sales game.

I was surprised to find that he actually performs at some venues and then returns to conduct his seminar where he teaches the sales techniques he gleaned from his hypnotist training and experience.

Read more to find out what they are!

Act As if!

The first lesson the Hypnotist teaches is that if you’re going to start hypnotizing anyone you must first act as if you are already an accomplished Hypnotist. Of course, this is also one of the foundational principals of becoming as salesperson. This is because if you have any doubts then prospects will see your weakness, never take you seriously, and you will not close.

Knock the Prospect Off Balance

The next technique Sylver teaches about mesmerizing a subject is to get them off balance by dramatically and suddenly pulling them forward until they lose their footing. This concept also has a correlation in the sales process because you have a better chance of closing a prospect by get them off balance. While you don’t want to go around literally pulling executives off balance; but you can get them out of their normal circumstances by having your sales meeting out of the office or the board room.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to simply have a lunch meeting at a nice restaurant of your clients choosing or at your office. Not only will you be getting your prospect out of their office but you this will get them off balance and out of their usually negotiating routine. In addition, this gesture should help prospects see you as less of an adversary and go a long way to building the next point, rapport!

Find Common Ground

It was surprising to learn that hypnotist rely on building rapport with their subjects! This is one of the critical aspects of the process because Sylver explains that you can’t hypnotize anyone unless they allow themselves to be hypnotized. He suggests finding some common ground with the subject because people will feel a natural bond with people like themselves. So, if you from the same area or attended the same school or even if you watch the same show or play the same games, like golf, you can set your subject at ease.

The exact same principal applies to the sales process since people usually buy from people they know, like and trust. If you can find an area where you and your prospect share an interest or have some common ground, then exploit it. In fact, you must become skilled at finding common ground as hypnotist, because they make building rapport and finding common ground look effortless and invisible to their subjects.

Build Rapport

Finally, a hypnotist also builds trust by asking their subjects to follow a small request and then they begin asking them to follow larger and larger requests until they finally command their subject to become hypnotized. One example of this is when a hypnotist asks their subject to sit back, then to sit back further, and finally to relax. A skilled salesman can follow this principal by building agreement on small matters and then asking questions that lead to the prospect agreeing on larger issues until you finally ask them to close.


As it turns out there are several sales lessons we can glean from a successful hypnotist like the great Marshall Sylver! We should remember to always act as if we are a great salesperson, knock our prospects off balance, find common ground, and build solid rapport. If you can learn to incorporate these techniques into your sales presentation, then you will become as hypnotic and persuasive as Marshall Sylver himself.

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