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Sales | October 29, 2018

What is the Nonverbal Mad Men Sales Technique in the Famous Lipstick Pitch?

Most sales people can pick up Don Draper’s reverse sales technique in the famous Mad men Lipstick Pitch. However, there is another powerful marketing concept silently influencing Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s prospects that builds know, like and trust!

Watch the film clip and try to guess the secret behind Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s nonverbal selling concept! Then read my answer below!



No Peaking, seriously before you read my answer watch the Mad Men video clip and challenge yourself and your sales and marketing acumen to spot the answer!

The first Nonverbal Sales Technique Revealed

As the clip starts and begins to pan around the table to focus on the initial Lipstick marketing presentation you can clearly see some soda bottles chilling in an ice bucket and then as the pitch winds down the camera stops on the CEO of the lipstick company where you can see him finishing a bit of a sandwich and then set it down on his plate.

Admittedly, these segments go by rather quickly, so you almost have to be looking for them to spot the fact that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce was hosting a lunch meeting! This fact is important because the art of winning and dinning prospect has nearly become a lost art among most SMB’s in almost any industry!

Converting a dry and boring sales meeting into a lunch meeting borrows from, How to Win Friends an Influence People’s principal of “making the hard thing fun”! Not only are you more likely to successfully book a lunch meeting rather than a traditional business meeting; but you are also building reciprocity as a free lunch classifies as a gift!

The Second Nonverbal Sales Technique Revealed

The second silent sales and marketing technique is more ubiquitous and yet intangible that it’s nearly impossible to discern unless a viewer were already searching for it. The fact that the Lipstick company was sitting in the Mad Men’s office is not an inconsequential fact! Inviting prospects to your office is a powerful marketing strategy! This is because one of the most difficult tasks in the sales process is establishing know, like and trust. It’s not uncommon for prospect to have doubts about salespeople’s claims as to the size of their staff and success of their firm. Quite simply these doubts can be silenced simply by inviting prospects to your office, so they can ‘see’ with their own eyes how many employees you have and what your office looks like!

In fact, an IT company named Centrex IT in San Diego discovered the true power behind this technique and begin to insist that all prospects visit their amazing office to review the final proposal and saw their sales dramatically spike!


Don’t beat yourself up if you watched the clip and didn’t guess the nonverbal sales and marketing secrets! However, the good news is that you have just learned two powerful subconscious marketing tactics. If you make a practice of implementing them by focusing on setting lunch meetings and hosting these sales meetings at your office then you will start building more know, like and trust! Getting prospect to like and trust you is one of the toughest tasks in sales game and the key to unlocking your true sales potential! In fact, if you successfully implement these two sales strategies then you may become as slick and persuasive as Don Draper himself!

“Go forth and do likewise!”

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