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Lead Generation | October 13, 2018

Grow Your Business by Focusing on Customer Experience

Growth IQI just finished reading, Growth IQ by Tiffany Bova and it speaks to a business issue close to my heart and that’s customer experience.

I know that this subject might not sound sexy; but that is the problem. Most companies only think about customer experience when they first develop their business model and envision the value their product of service will add in the marketplace.

The problem is that over time the customer experience eventually takes a back seat as organizations begin putting sales, marketing, operations and everything else in first place. Ultimately, the value that the original customer experiences served begin to grow stagnant.

The reason that Growth IQ resonates with me and is worth a read is because it tackles this issue; since refocusing on the customer experience is how you grow business! This problem is deeply tied to my book’s message about how cold calling success depends on building a better mouse trap or improving the business model.

However, I haven’t been able to clearly communicate how companies can actually go about building a better mouse trap. Of course, the answer lies in taking a harder look at customer experience all over again. Now all I have to do is point my audience to Growth IQ as a blue print for CEO’s and entrepreneurs to reimagine and improve their customer experience.  They can accomplish this by evolving their business model by adding more value which will translate into Growth, hence the title of the book Growth IQ.

I have always viewed what Tiffany calls the need for businesses to focus on customer experience as the process of transforming into a customer centric organization. If a business follows the principals in her book an puts them into practice it will enable their organization to leap past the competition, capture market share, and ride off into the sunset as a successful entrepreneur! I believe this book should be required reading for an MBA and certainly everyone from a small business owner to large corporations should read Growth IQ and take a second look at their customer experience.

David Walter Bio:

His claim to fame came from setting a record of 15 cold calling appointments a day, every day for 6 months while working for a Staff Leasing or Professional Employer Organization. He set a total of over 1800 appointments in just 6 months!

This success led him to start his own telemarketing company for 13 years, helping tech companies sell millions of dollars through his innovative lead generation strategies.

David speaks at businesses, trade shows, chambers of commerce, webinars and is a sales trainer for major companies. He is also a published author; his latest book is The Million Dollar Rebuttal.

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