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Lead Generation | April 10, 2018

You Can Sell More to Prospects Without Pain & Need

Most marketing campaigns focus on locating companies with obvious pain and need. However, you can sell more to prospects that don’t have a need, and are not actively looking for your service or product.

I first learned this lesson when I worked at a retail job in a men’s clothing store, trying to make sales.

I realized that everyone who walked into the store said, “I am just looking.” However, it became apparent that these people comprised two distinct groups of shoppers. While both said they were just looking, one group had a need and was looking for something specific, and the other group literally was just looking.

Which group do you think presented a better opportunity to sell?

I crafted a way to separate the sheep from the goats, by telling these ‘just looking’ shoppers that I was going to give them something to look at, a sale on sport coats. Before they could say anything, I would have them in the right size sport coat and looking into what I called the ‘mirror of truth’.

You see, the shoppers that had a need would get nervous and squeamish and reveal to me that they just came into the store to buy a pair of socks! I sold them socks and got them out of the store!

Meanwhile, the shoppers that were truly just looking or that didn’t have a need could be convinced to buy 3 or 4 sport coats, suits, ties, dress shirts and slacks. This is how I made all my money!

This is how I learned early in my career that you can sell more to prospects that don’t have a need! This understanding enabled me to become a top salesman right out of high school, and go on to set record amounts of appointments, and now to write this book!

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