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Lead Generation | April 10, 2018

What Can We Learn From the Tower of Babel About Lead Generation?

lead generation

For many years I have believed that we could extract some valuable information for the Bible’s account of the tower of bible. Not in a religious way but in the spirit of understanding human boundaries and what’s conceivable. Of course, this information could be transformative to anyone that wants to apply it to improving their performance in business, sales and lead generation efforts.

What happened in this account that has so much potential to change our understanding of the limits of human possibility?

The Account

We are told that Nimrod was gathering by force humans to the city of babel where they were building a tower that could reach the heavens. Apparently, there was some mystical nature to the purpose of this tower since most ziggurats had a spiritual connotation. The focus of God’s attention fell on how many was using the unifying power of language to defy his command to multiply and fill the earth. This is where God is said to have confused the language of men to force them to scatter and leave off building the Tower of Babel.

The Statement of Interest

When God starts his observation of the tower of babel he notes that there is nothing man cannot do. The idea is that something must be done to slow the progress of man apparently so that what ever Gods’ time table was would remain correct. However, I wonder whether it was just the unifying force of men using the same language that God was referring to when he acknowledges to limitless abilities of mankind.

The Crawl of Progress

If this event did in fact happen in the ancient past, then we could conclude that confusing the language was an effective tool. However, language is not what gives man the power to accomplish impossible but rather it’s our subconscious mind. The fact is that even with the limits of language man has still explored the entire earth, research deep in the ocean and reached out into the expanse of Heaven. Yes, mankind has build that ‘tower’ that reaches into Heaven, but it has taken thousands of years.

The Power

When you realize that God has said we have nearly unstoppable power that has no boundaries it time to get excited. Truly, our subconscious mind is the closest thing to God if in fact we were made in God’s image. When you properly communicate with your subconscious mind through meditation, mantra’s and claiming your goals then you can receive the answers to any business, sales or lead generation quandary that perplexes your and can be given virtually unlimited power though releases of adrenaline. Of course, when you combine more than one individual into a Mastermind of people all communicating with their subconscious mind then this can create and unstoppable force.

Setting Goals

When you truly believe in the power of the subconscious mind it’s imperative that you reassess all your goals. Stop thinking small and realize that you have nearly limitless powers to grow a business to become international, break every sales record and develop lead generations techniques that defy all imagination. Today every human has the ability to build their own ‘tower’ if they would only look inside and believe the impossible is in fact possible!

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