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About the Author

Twenty years ago, as a telemarketer, I was able to get on an uncanny hot streak, setting 15 appointments a day for six months straight! I found success by abandoning traditional calling tactics. instead, I developed my own counter-intuitive system for cold caling, which led to me starting my own telemarketing company.

Many companies have tried to steal my ideas, but now I reveal these closely-guarded secrets in my new book, 'The Million-Dollar Rebuttal'!

About the Book's Lead Generation Strategy

Imagine playing chess, and being able to predict every move that your opponent will make, from the opening to the end game! You would surely win every time.

Essentially, our lead generation system does the same thing, helping you lead prospects through predictable steps, and finally directing them to one key objection. This is when you use the million-dollar rebuttal to close!

David Walter was instrumental in getting SADA’s managed services practice off the ground over a decade ago, with a novel approach to appointment setting. He helped create over $1M in annual recurring revenue.”

– Tony Safoian, President and CEO of SADA Systems, Inc

Pre-Order The Million-Dollar Rebuttal Today!

David Walter's latest telemarketing and lead generation book 'The Million-Dollar Rebuttal' is available now on Kindle!

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Learn How To Harness the Power of Your Alter-Ego for Lead Generation Success

The concept of muscle memory is the subconscious mind in action and all hot streaks are born in the subconscious mind, as with my appointment setting hot streak!  To communicate with your alter-ego, the first step is knowing what you want, and having a clearly defined goal. The book outlines the rest of our comprehensive strategy for putting success on auto-pilot!

Learn How To Breeze Past the Herculean Obstacle: Gatekeepers

Instead of just running into a brick wall over and over again, stop and look around to see if there is another route to your ultimate destination. In our book you'll learn several techniques, such as using the power of distraction to get past call screeners, make fewer calls, and dramatically increase your contacts!

Ring the Bell the deal is closed! David takes the simple and mundane task of cold calling and helps the reader become a superstar thru his stories and examples on how he became a successful closer over the years. This book is a great place for someone just getting into sales or cold calling, so they can learn from a seasoned pro how they can become a master at their craft.

– Joel Zaidspiner, Associate Publisher, ChannelPro Network

Learn My Random Marketing Technique To Dramatically Increase Contacts

The traditional method of consecutively calling lists of contacts from top to bottom doesn't reflect the chaos inside any company. The decision maker that you're trying to reach is likely hard to reach, and one single call won't likely hit the target.

Instead, our book outlines a system for targeting fewer prospects, calling them more frequently, embracing the randomness of the business world. Here's an example of random cold-calling success from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness.

Leverage My Million-Dollar Rebuttal for Cold-Calling Success!

The Million Dollar Rebuttal is a powerful concoction of several psycological techniques, from 'leading the witness' to reverse psycology, planting ideas while the prospect thinks it's their own, using sincere complements, making prospects feel important, and more!

Once you learn to do this, you'll dramatically increase the number of appointments you set, while making far fewer calls, because with this system, the prospects will become like putty in your hands!

My MSP has realized an incredible amount of MRR thanks to David Walter’s lead generation strategies and techniques. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the MSP space looking to increase their MRR sales.”

– Louie Sadd, CEO, Datastream IT

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Pre-Order The Million-Dollar Rebuttal Today!

David Walter's latest telemarketing and lead generation book 'The Million-Dollar Rebuttal' is available now on Kindle!

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